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Aimie Wallace

Certified Functional Nutritionist & Life Coach

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I live in White Rock, B.C. Canada, owner of AIM Wellness, since 2011. I grew up playing sports, played National Women's Hockey then went into Coaching, eventually transitioned into Professional Golf, as a teacher and player. My love for sports always dialed me into proper nutrition that led me to my profession & passion of Health Coaching in the Health & Wellness industry. I really got my knowledge about diet and nutrition while I was competing in natural bodybuilding for 10 years learning about nutrition and various diets that led me to more education becoming a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, (CSNA). I am proud of my accomplishments supporting clients with diverse needs to support in weight loss, emotional health, manage Parkinson's symptoms with biomagnetic frequency therapy, cancer diet support and detoxification, athlete performance and recovery, eating disorder, addictions coaching, and an Author of The Psychology Behind Weight Loss.