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Izzy Shafey

Registered Massage Therapist

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Izzy Chafey

With a natural attraction towards all things physical, mixed with years of meditation experience, Izzy balances his innate inclination towards physical practice with the tranquility of stillness, and finds these qualities at their peak while practicing massage therapy.

Although he recently graduated in April 2018 from the RMT program at WCCMT, he is a practiced body worker with a background of 4 years as a Zenthai Shiatsu therapist. This combination of Thai massage, and Japanese Shiatsu massage rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine along with his RMT training gives Izzy a unique approach to treating the human body from both a Western medicine perspective and a holistic Eastern comprehension. A long time enthusiast of exercise, yoga, martial arts, surfing, healthy eating and an overall positive attitude, he practices what he preaches in his everyday life. He is familiar with injuries, and the recovery process required to overcome them, which lends him a compassionate mindset towards healing.

Izzy’s focus while at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy was in exploring the ailments commonly experienced by the modern worker, from postural misalignment, neck pathology, repetitive strain disorders, TMJ dysfunction, reduced mobility, headaches, sprains, strains and the most frequently experienced condition by everyone in our technologically driven age - stress!