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Morven MacGregor

Nutritionist and Registered Acupuncturist

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Morven is a Holistic Wellness Coach and student of Acupuncture. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry Nutrition and Psychology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Combining her interests in nutrition and how the human brain works was an important foundation for her current practice. In her teenage years, she discovered the healing power of nutrition and from there stemmed a passion for creating recipes to accommodate various food sensitivities, which she now uses to help friends, family, and clients.

She moved from Halifax to Victoria to study acupuncture at Pacific Rim College, one of the leading schools of acupuncture in Canada, and immediately fell in love with beautiful Vancouver Island and the healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She believes in a holistic and individualized approach to healing and wellness, treading in the footsteps of ancient wisdom partnered with a natural lifestyle philosophy. Through her personal experience dealing with acute and chronic illnesses and her clinical experience in both coaching and acupuncture, Morven is experienced in a wide range of complex health problems. She has a special interest in journeying with those who struggle with digestive health, reproductive health, mental and emotional health, burnout, autoimmunity, and chronic disorders.

Morven's wellness coaching consists of a wide range of modalities including nutrition, lifestyle, healing practices, mindset work, supplementation, self development, and self care with a focus on discovering the root of the problem. She combines Western biomedical knowledge with Eastern traditional medical wisdom for a multifaceted approach. She brings to each session her unique insight and passion for natural healing and intuitively supports her clients to uncover their wellness, so they can achieve their full potential. She is a firm believer that everyone can find healing and no one should have to do it alone.