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Naturopathic Medicine.

Naturopathy (Naturopathic Medicine) is a primary health care system using the techniques of prevalent medical science in combination with natural medicine. When the body projects symptoms of illness or disease, it is a warning sign that it is not functioning properly. The naturopathic process is to use these techniques in order to find the underlying cause of these disease or illness related symptoms, which could stem from improper cellular processes caused by poor lifestyle habits, to genetic abnormalities.

How Naturopathic medicine can help

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What to expect

Initial Consultation: 60 - 90 minutes

Your initial consultation will be 60-90 minutes in length. During this visit, our Naturopathic doctorwill reviews your medical history, your specific concerns and your health goals. our Naturopath will perform a complaint-oriented physical exam, and indicate lab tests and homework that need to be done.

The first steps of your naturopathic treatment plan will also be provided at your initial appointment, so you can get started right away.

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We ask that you bring in your completed intake forms, the actual bottles or images of both sides of any medication/supplements you are currently taking.

First Follow-up 60 minutes

The first follow up visit usually takes place 1-3 weeks following the initial consultation and is typically 60 minutes in length. During this visit at our naturopathic health centre, our naturopathic practitioner will review your homework, address your present concerns, note any changes in your main symptoms since your first visit. Patient Educational materials, resources and specific and customized protocols are provided.

A comprehensive individualized treatment plan specifically designed to meet your health goals.
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45 minute Follow-up

The second follow up is focused on education and diving more into key health concepts relating to your condition. 45 min visits are recommended if the patient has not seen our naturopathic medical doctor in an extended period of time (4 to 6 months or more).

our Naturopath will review your initial treatment plan, and work with you to develop the next steps and further elaborate on specific treatment protocols based on the homework provided and progress to date.

30 minute Follow-up

Regular follow-up visits at our naturopathic health clinic are typically 30 min. Visits are scheduled based on your health needs and the types of services required. Acupuncture, and cupping treatments are 30 min in length. Please come with loose fitting comfortable clothing for treatments.

15 minute Follow-up

If you wish to have a quick Q and A with our Naturopath or have updates 15 min consultations are available for patients who have had a minimum of 3 appointments (initial, first second and third follow up)

Lab Tests

Specific tests such as food sensitivities, or hormone panels may be required to assess risk factors, monitor treatment progress, or to rule out specific medical conditions.

Your Health Goals


Next, the best naturopath will set health goals and timelines and discuss the initial treatment. There will be homework for you to send in before your second visit.

Follow-up visits include assessment of progress, review of homework and outlining next steps of Naturopathic Treatment.

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